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Our Competence In Technology

Competence in technology is the foundation of our business success. High Delegated Analytical Equipment, specialized sophisticated engineering turn key projects, integrated consultancy/services for power, wind, solar, bio gas, gasifies, water and effluent treatment plant, quality management of projects for air pollution &solar & wind measuring equipment, alternative energy sources for remote telecomm tower and offshore platform in our portfolio are derived from our multi– disciplinary technical skills. NEBULA has perfect mastery of these technologies by executing projects in different parts of the world i.e. Wind Energy Resource Mapping project, Micro Hydro Power plant, Wind Farm Project, USFDA required quality control of exporting fish, Waste treatment plant for shrimp residues and providing consultancy service for grid system study, installation of alternative energy sources for mobile phone remote base station and offshore platform, Locally intensified farming project for CARE and many other needs that satisfy the many different and changing requirements of our esteemed customers. Exploitation of multi– disciplinary works makes it much easier for us to expand our business periphery wide and vast.