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How to Create new Menu Group.
2012-04-25 11:31:16 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
What is Menu Group ? Menu navigation group is the science and skill which you apply to a web site that helps visitors move from one page to another. In short Menu group is a collection of numbers of menus assembled...
What is Website template
2012-04-25 09:00:28 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
A Web template system describes the software and methodologies used to produce web pages and for deployment on websites and delivery over the Internet.[citation needed] Such systems process web templates, using a template...
Customization of search and advance search fields.
2012-04-25 08:53:31 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
This tutorial will help you understanding, how to customize (add, edit and remove) search fields according to you requirements. We have used property modules as example but this process can be applied to any other modules...
Introduction of Modules Architecture.
2012-04-25 07:49:53 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
When the application becomes bigger and bigger the controller, models and views/scripts directories contain more and more files. That’s a bit odd, because it becomes difficult to maintain, and than the modules come in...
Installation - What are server requirements to run this application ?
2012-04-25 07:04:46 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
  The Application requires: Apache web server with mod_rewrite or Lighttpd  MySQL database server, version 5.0 or later  PHP version 5.2 or later  In addition, the following PHP...
Licenses (2)
License Details
Posted Date : 2012-04-26 12:51:11 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
License Terms Summary    For full terms please see here.  A license allows one application to be run on one domain name (sub-domains not included). Sub-folders are allowed on a single license.  For...
License Troubleshooting
Posted Date : 2012-04-24 01:07:55 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
If the Application software can not validate the license the following message may be displayed.   There was a problem validating your software license.   Verify your license code is in defaults.php Try...